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LUME is developing its own script products focusing on European co-productions and international collaborations.

In the background of a provincial town, four people try to move a step at a time without being overwhelmed by their problems. In the space of a single day, where everything seems to flow without ever stopping to observe what really happens, their lives cross and are destined to change forever.
"Nothing is like you" is the story of a difficult love, the one between a father who could not - or did not know - be there, and a daughter who reacted with the ferocious vitality of adolescence.
1675, Europe is in the midst of a massive game of musical chairs, as foreign princesses criss-cross the continent, strengthening dynastic unions. In this turmoil, the strategically crucial Alpine Duchy of Savoy finds a brief decade of peace, harmony and prosperity under the reign of an extraordinary woman: Marie-Jeanne de Nemours, Madama Reale.
Louis Chabas, known as Lulu, escaped from Fossano prison in Italy in September '43: he has nineteen years old and he’s a young French partisan.