You provide the vision
We provide the service

Looking forward to shoot in Italy? Focus on your story and let LUME do the rest. Our strong collaborative team is there from development, budgeting and planning, through the actual shooting and all the way down to post-production.

Your Creativity
All starts with your idea and your script
Our Boost
Once you contact LUME, we will unbox your project
Production Planning
We assist you with production planning, budgeting and scheduling and find the most time&cost effective way to shoot
& Accomodation
We set up your production base, your office away from home, and provide you with everything necessary
Location Scouting
Our scouts will find the perfect location to enhance your vision
We assist you with permits of all kinds, we know what is needed and how to get it
We work with the most experienced crews and find the right people for your project
We organize casting sessions and liase with the most seasoned casting directors, both for principal and extras
We arrange all the production and support services during your shoot through our line and executive producers
Our caterers will make sure you experience the real treats of the Italian cuisine
Travel & Transport
We will help you with travel
and transport arrangements, and advise you on the most cost effective deals, making your stay confortable and cosy
Sound Stages / Studios
We liaise with sound stage and studios, and advise you on your best choices
SFX / Consultants
We will find the right SFX pros and any other consultant for your shoot
We set up and support post-production, from assembly editing during the shoot to full-scale picture and sound post
Mobile Editing
We can provide mobile editing solutions for your shoot, on location, in your office, or in your hotel room or home, wherever you like
Labs & Transfer
We have our little black book of labs and post facilities , whether you need a high speed delivery to the other side of the world
It’s a wrap!