land of LUME

When it comes down to locations, Italy’s variety con be overwhelming. From the snow capped Alpine peaks to the blue waves of the Mediterranean, you can find an intoxicating succession of picturesque villages, historical cities, artistic masterpieces, breathtaking natural panoramas and futuristic architectures. All of it within just over 1 hour flight.

Our experienced location scouts can easily find any kind of vibe for your film.

Modern Architecture

Italy is the undisputed world hub of fashion and design, constantly renovating itself, always keeping one step ahead in style. Architecture is no exception. Modern buildings break up the continuum of historical palazzi, churches and ancient monuments, in a unique blend of styles. A sophisticated, cultured and lively landscape as diverse as the world famous contemporary architects that left they mark on it.

Castles and villas

Castles, fortresses, watch-towers and town walls are everywhere; some are well preserved, others in ruins, surrounded by wonderful landscapes, perched on the summit of a mountain or peeking out along a costal road. Even the image of the Italian villa takes a different form in everyone’s mind, from the farmhouses on the Tuscan hills to the colorful cliff-side terraces on the Amalfi Coast.


With its approximately 4,660 miles of coastline, Italy has a wide variety of beaches, perfect for every type of scenario, whether you’re looking for the calming nature, the never-ending fun or the reassuring rest. A breath-taking succession of countless gulfs, coves and inlets, touristic ports and long, sandy beaches, fishing villages and coastal cities are easily reachable by car, train and plane, as well as large ships and small boats.


From the Alps down to the Mediterranean, Italy is a stretch of beautiful and evocative mountains, accessible all the year round. From the world renowned alpine peaks to the hidden gems in the Appennine range there’s a variety of different landscapes: pure water glacial lakes, magnificent forests, charming villages rich in history, traditions and, of course, gastronomic pleasures.


The iconic Italian roads are world famous: from the Riviera, to the Alpine Passes, you can drive along the glamorous lake sides, the scenic sun-soaked hills, across those picturesque old towns and stop at the glossy modern buildings in the cities. Or you can beat some off-road trails through snow covered landscapes, thick forests and luscious fields.

Towns and cities

Il Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country) is the birthplace of Western culture, home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. Art and history are everywhere and each small village sports its own gem. And, as anyone knows, every city is full of iconic vistas and picturesque corners yet to discover.