I tempi felici verranno presto
A film by Alessandro Comodin

Italia, 2016, 100' col. 35mm
Ariane discovers a strange hole in the forest. Why Ariane entered that hole remains a mystery and everyone tells this story in their own way.
I tempi felici verranno presto

Alessandro Comodin

Alessandro Comodin, Milena Magnani

Tristan Bordmann

Mirko Guerra

Set Design
Valentina Ferroni, Mario Scarzella

João Nicolau, Alessandro Comodin

Sabrina Seyvecou, Erikas Sizonovas, Luca Bernardi, Marco Giordana

An OKTA FILM  (IT) and SHELLAC SUD (FR) production
in co-production with ARTE France Cinéma
and the partecipation of ARTE France

Tommaso and Arturo managed to escape looking for refuge in the forest. Life is beautiful now, despite everything. But, be careful, you always die when you least expect it, even if you are young, finally happy and you have never done anything wrong.

Many years later, nowadays, the forest seems to be infested with hungry wolves. Nobody remembers the story of the two young men, but in that forest Ariane discovers a strange hole. Is Ariane, then, the girl mentioned by that legend of the valley?

Why Ariane entered that hole remains a mystery, the fact is that nothing was known about her. Everyone tells this story in their own way, but everyone agrees that Ariane met the wolf.

Prima internazionale

Semaine de la critique/Festival di Cannes (2016)